Timber / Aluminium

Internorm HS330

Lift & Slide Door

Offering much more glass and very little frame, our Internorm HS330 helps you showcase your outstanding views while achieving ultra low U-Values and achieving outstanding design.

Available for installation by our Lake District based family business.

by Lakes & Dales

Luxury Timber / Aluminium Lift & Slide Door


Internorm HS330

The Internorm HS330 Lift & Slide Door makes the borders between inside and out disappear almost magically. This door available from Lakes & Dales connects the inside space with the out, seamlessly.

One of our most exciting products is Internorm's HS330.

A beautiful Hybrid Timber/Aluminium Lift & Slide Door. Designed not only to make a statement, the Internorm HS330 by Lakes & Dales Window Co is designed to be extremely energy efficient.

Exclusive to Lakes & Dales Window Co.

More Information

Maximum Size

Glazing Type

Thermal Efficiency


Smart Home

11m Wide x 3.2m High

Double or Triple Glazing

Uw as low as 0.73 W(m2/K)

Timber / Aluminium

Now compatible with your Loxone Smart Home

Internorm by Lakes & Dales Colour Option

Colour Options

Sustained materials and colours of the interior decoration underline your minimalistic living style and bring individual elements into the forefront. HF 410 adapts perfectly to your interior design. Different colours and timber types offer you countless possibilities for your individual colour design of your interior spaces. Grey Oak as interior colour agrees with the modern living style with clear forms, plain materials and modest colours.

Internorm HF410

Timber / Aluminium

Composite Windows

Combine your HS330 Lift & Slide Door by Internorm with our Timber/Aluminium windows and entrance doors.  All are available in matching timbers, including our popular grey oak option.

Timber / Aluminium

Entrance Doors

Modern glass architecture creates new attitudes towards life. Walls disappear as if by magic and connect the interior to the surrounding nature. Next to fixed glazing and lift-sliding doors made of UPVC, UPVC-aluminium and timber-aluminium, Internorm also offers extra-large glazing such as Panorama HX 300.